Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Favorite...... Crocheted Dish Cloths

My sister is a beginner at computers. So I help her out when I can. One day when I was at her house doing some maintenance on her computer, she was sitting in her chair crocheting. I asked what she was making. I'm making some crocheted dish cloths. Something I haven't made in years she said. Then she asked if I have ever used them. No, I just use your basic dish cloths. Well, would you like to try one out? So I took one home to try, and could not believe how great they worked. It was great! So she made me a few more. I will never use anything else in my kitchen but these from now on.
Crocheted dishcloths

If your ever at a craft show or something like it, I recommend looking for some crocheted dish cloths. I can't believe how much I like using them. Their definitely a must in any kitchen.

Tip: Make sure their made with nice thick ply yarn. They'll last for a long time. :-)

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