The Benefits Of Teaching Our Children How To Cook

The Benefits Of Teaching Our Children How To Cook

So you have probably been wondering whether you should get your kids in the kitchen to cook or bake and what benefit this might add to their life. Well, not only is it important in developing young responsible adults, it also makes their lives fun as they learn new cooking and baking techniques and how to play around with ingredients. The best way to go about this however, is not to force them! Let it come naturally or gently introduce them to the kitchen without much pressure. If there is one thing we all know about kids, once it feels like a compulsory task they will automatically shy away.

Children like fun activities even when they are learning so make it as easy and fun as possible and you will all grow to enjoy those cooking and baking sessions! So what are the benefits of teaching children how to cook?

Cooking time becomes bonding time, strengthening families. It is easier to get your children to talk to you over a simple task such as cooking or baking rather than expecting them to just come to you and open up. During these times, you are able to know how their day was, what kind of things they like and even how they feel about certain topics. This helps you understand each other better for stronger relationships.

Children who cook are likely to eat more healthy meals including fruits and vegetables. This is simply because if they made the meal it is easier to convince them to try it out. They may not automatically pounce on the kales or broccoli but they will grow into it each time they make a meal.
It makes them responsible and boosts their self esteem. A child who can proudly say 'I made that' every time someone praises the food gets an important sense of responsibility and their self esteem is raised. It makes them want to try even more complicated recipes and it eventually relieves a bit of the burden from the parents when it comes to household chores.

During the process of learning how to bake for instance, a child is able to acquire reading and mathematical skills. They learn that half a cup is larger than a quarter of a cup. They are also able to read the instructions carefully and follow them to the latter. Not only is it fun, it is educational as well! I bet it is much easier to get a kid to read and do what the instructions say rather than giving them a recipe book to read like a novel.

Teaching our children how to cook enables them to live a healthier lifestyle according to recent studies. This is because they understand taste and it is only when you get them actively involved in the kitchen will you be able to make them understand the ingredients and their nutritional value. Such children will grow up knowing what is good or what made the food so tasty in the first place, which means it is very hard for them to fall into the junk-eating bracket even when they are much older. Still wondering whether you should teach your kids how to cook?

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