We Need To Start Teaching Our Children To Cook Again And Here Is Exactly Why

We Need To Start Teaching Our Children To Cook Again And Here Is Exactly Why

Gone are the days when we would leave our children at home, go for trips out of town and not have to worry about what they will eat. Why? Our children do not know how to cook! From the curriculum that totally scrapped cooking classes, to busy parents who do not have time to teach their children how to cook, we are basically raising a generation of people who rely on buying ready food, mostly junk. This calls for a simple solution, we need to teach them how to cook again and for good reason.

There are no words that can emphasize how important it is that our children learn about nutrition from us as their parents! Obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases are on the rise especially among kids. Knowledge about proper nutrition would be of great help and the best way to do this is by getting them into the kitchen and doing some practical cooking. When a child knows the exact amount of calories they are consuming in each meal, they will be less likely to indulge in junk later in life.

Time spent in the kitchen is great for catching up with our kids. A conversation held over a fun activity such as cooking brings you closer to your kid as opposed to the intimidating 'let's talk' phrase. This would be the best time to listen, advise and actually get to know your kids!

A sense of pride
This is for both you as a parent and the child that you are teaching how to cook. Kids are more likely to clear their plate when they help in preparing the meal. They are also proud of their achievement in the kitchen as they serve others and as a parent, there is no better feeling than seeing that accomplished look on your child's face!

They learn about other cultures
There are a lot of menus to explore from different cultures around the world. Who said time in the kitchen had to be a boring routine? Let your children choose the culture that they want to learn about. Why do these people like specific types of food? How different is their eating lifestyle from your own? These small lessons are a great way to open our children's eyes to the world beyond what they normally see everyday. Besides, tasting foods from different parts of the world widens your child's palate, you would be surprised with what they settle with as a favorite.

Other skills
The kitchen most certainly has a flurry of activities that stimulate a child's mind and helps them to learn and sharpen other important skills. From reading recipes, measuring ingredients or even setting timers, our children increase their thinking capacity by learning mathematics and reading alongside this valuable nutrition class with their parents.

So if you ask me, should our children be taught how to cook again? Absolutely! It is an activity that brings the whole family together in a fun and enjoyable way. We live in a fast moving world, where parents are busy providing for their children as the little ones grapple with school and growing up. Any time that we can spend learning from each other is very precious. So instead of letting our children watch TV or play video games every time they are free, let's switch off these gadgets and get down to equipping them with this much needed life skill- cooking. After all, the best way to build a better tomorrow is by raising responsible young adults today!

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