Why Plant your own Vegetable Garden

Why Plant your own Vegetable Garden

If having fresh vegetables in the spring and summer appeals to you, consider creating a home vegetable garden. Planting and tending a garden can be a relaxing hobby that pays off with having healthy foods available for you and your family, but does so at a very reduced price than buying organic vegetables at the supermarket.

Gardening can also have other benefits. It is a relaxing hobby that can reduce stress and allows you to concentrate on growing things. You spend time in the sun, and gardening can lower blood pressure. It is healthy for your body and mind.

To Begin Your Gardening lifestyle, Use Theses Tips To Keep It Smooth And Simple 

Decide on the vegetables. Knowing what you are going to plant will make laying out the garden much easier. Different parts of the country have different climates and some vegetables that grow great in the Northwest or New England won’t grow well in the red clay of Georgia.

Pick a location. Whatever you decide, make sure the garden is not located in your neighbor’s yard. Sharing vegetables with friends and neighbors is a time-honored tradition among gardeners, but sharing property isn’t. Find a spot that offers good sunlight, proper drainage and has good soil. To keep your garden intact, you might want to fence out pets and kids.

Care and maintenance. The part that the kids will hate, but will lower your blood pressure. Weeding, watering, checking for pests and disease are constant chores that you will be doing as long as the garden is green. Weeding is a weekly practice and must be done. Every weed in your garden is competing with your vegetables for nutrients from the soil. Falling behind will let the weeds win. Pests are also a constant maintenance chore. There are more pest species than I can name that you will have to watch for. Be careful, though, many of the insects that visit your plants are helpful.

When creating a garden, leave room for flowers and herbs. It is amazing what a dash of bright colors or the familiar scent of your favorite herb can do for your mental health when you are enjoying your time in the sun. Those same flowers and herbs can also be used to decorate your table and garnish your delicious, homegrown dinner that has no preservatives and is completely organic.

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