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This Old Cookbook of mine

This Better Homes and Gardens cookbook my Mom passed down to me is a treasury of mine. This cookbook is one my Mom always used, and the one we used when she was teaching us how to bake. Back then a farmers wife was always in the kitchen cooking or baking something. I have such fond memory of baking cookies, bars, pies, and pastries from this cookbook. As you can see, it has a lot of wear and tear. The pages are getting thin and fragile, but, when I get a tear, I get out my scotch tape and mend the torn page or the torn tab. Works for me! The images in my cookbook may be a little out dated, but the recipes are still the same great homemade recipes Mom used to make, and recipes I still make.

This book has more than recipes. It has Meal planning and Nutrition information. It has a time/temperature chart for baking breads, pastries, cakes and cookies, and a lot more.

Better homes cookbook

Better homes cookbook

I found out this cookbook was printed in 1953. They have come out with a original version reprint of this book. This is so great to here!

Blank Recipe Books for all Personal Recipes

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