Fruit Peel Nutrition: Why You Should Stop Peeling Your Fruit

Fruit Peel Nutrition: Why You Should Stop Peeling Your Fruit

Did you know that the apple peel helps in preventing cancer? If you did not, then you are welcome. The fact is, most of the nutrients and benefits you could get from a fruit or vegetable are more concentrated in the peel than in the inner parts. The fact that the peel has more color should tell you something about the amount of phytochemicals present, so put down your peeling knife and start enjoying the real benefits from that peeling you were about to throw away!

Why should I eat the fruit peel?

~ It is a reliable source of nutrients. For instance, the apple peeling contains 500 more nutrients than the inner fleshy parts we all love so much.

~ The fruit peel provides a good source of fiber that aids in proper food digestion. This means that when you have the fruit peel you will lower your risk of constipating. Another benefit is the fact that the fiber present in fruit peelings lowers the chances of toxins accumulating in the system, thus effectively fighting the risks of developing colon cancer.

- They are low on calories. They tend to make you full quickly too, so you will not get the urge to eat in between meals. The peels also contain low sugar levels, low fats and zero cholesterol. This is perfect for cutting down or maintaining your ideal weight!

-Some peelings will actually supply your body with important minerals and vitamins. This is especially true for guava and citrus fruits like oranges which have more phytonutrients in their peeling than in the actual juice. Orange juice that contains pulp is more nutritious than the plain orange juice.

5 Fruits and vegetables that contain more vitamins in their peelings

You may not be able to eat the rind, but ensure that you get the white pulp for a good supply of phytonutrients. Some recipes would allow you to add some orange rind to baked foods, so you might want to explore that option. You could also throw in a bit of rind to your smoothie.

-Pear peels
They will give you a good amount of Vitamin C.

Do not peel them. Their peelings have been said to contain resveratrol, a substance that fights cancer. They are also rich in powerful antioxidants.

- Potatoes
Their peelings will provide you with minerals like potassium, iron and B vitamins. They are also a great source of fiber and healthy antioxidants.

Just as mentioned above, the apple has so much to give from its peeling than from the fleshy parts. Apart from getting way more nutrients from the apple peeling, you will literally be having an apple to keep the cancer doctor away!

One rule that has been used is that if you try to pick at the peel and your thumbnail easily goes through, then you should not peel the fruit in the first place. However, avoid peels that are extremely bitter or have a suspicious looking color as they could harbor toxins. All you need to do is wash your fruits carefully and voilĂ , you can enjoy the fruit plus the more important, healthier part of it, the peel!

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