Why you Should Never Skip Breakfast

Why you Should Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast can be the most complex or the simplest meal you could have in a day. You could decide to have everything on the menu, from bacon, eggs, bread, juice, or simply splash some milk on to a bowl of cereal and voilà, breakfast! But is it the most important meal of the day? What are the benefits associated with taking breakfast on the regular? Let's explore some of the reasons as to why you need to ensure that it is part of your daily routine.

The distance between dinner and those morning hours is so long, your body literally needs a fresh supply of energy. This can be effectively accomplished when you break the fast by having something to eat before starting any activities. Breakfast is therefore that fuel that awakens your brain and body and readies you for your day.

Having breakfast provides your body with a healthy dose of nutrients and allows for maximum absorption. When you choose to eat a well balanced breakfast, you will boost your immunity levels by supplying your body with vitamins and minerals that could not be compensated by any other meal during the day.

It allows you to be more alert and with high concentration levels for better performance. Hunger can be a bit distracting when you need to be attentive in a meeting or when exercising.

Breakfast and weight loss

Contrary to what most people practice to lose weight by skipping breakfast, research has shown that having the meal actually helps you to lose weight or maintain your ideal body weight. This is because when you eat in the morning, you reduce your chances of munching on snacks before lunch. Hunger leads you to avoid starving by eating small treats all through the morning hours so you end up gaining more weight! Eat a healthy breakfast meal to supply your body with sufficient energy and to keep you full till its time to have your next meal.

Tips for having a good breakfast

- Ensure that you have a well balanced diet in the morning. Check your calorie intake if you are to aim at adding your meal's nutrition value. Go for low fat yoghurt, fruits and vegetables so you can be fuller without having to feel guilty about piling up on calories.
- Pre plan your breakfast the night before then leave everything ready so your morning would be much more manageable.
- You could choose to wake up 15 minutes earlier so you can have ample time to get your most important meal of the day.
- Making an omelet is a great way to get maximum nutritional benefits from a simple meal!

Breakfast is important for kids too. Not only does it give them the energy to grow well, it gives them the ability to concentrate in school for better grades. Ensure that they always have this meal at home or have it packed for them. Healthy eating habits that are cultivated since one was a child are necessary because they enable that person to grow into a responsible and healthy adult. If you are looking to improve yourself you must not skip breakfast, it is your bridge to a more healthy lifestyle!

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