Why Gardening is great Therapy

Why Gardening is great Therapy

Gardening has always been viewed as a way of therapy. Gardeners can be busy planning and involving themselves with growing of things such as flowers and vegetables but at the same time they are escaping the stuffiness and noises in streets and towns. In other places you can find therapist who are professional in horticulture
It has been proven medically that, it is therapeutic to take part in active work in the garden as long as an individual is having fun and enjoying the undertakings in the garden. Activities such as lawn mowing, and raking of leaves can be good therapy for individuals also. In the garden weeding is one of the most cumbersome jobs but once this is viewed as a way of rescuing the relevant material in the garden a gardener is often enhanced to enjoy the weeding this is a great contribution to garden therapy

Reward imagination

Gardening is generally supposed to be enjoyable. Once one can be able to imagine the results that will be generated from the latter current partaking in the garden, the psyche of working is uplifted. This in turn creates good mood which is also a good way of establishing mind relaxation and stress relieving. Talking about imagination of results, imagine planting of bulbs. The latter result of yellow and orange tulips, crocuses that are yellow, in summary the imagination of the appearance of the garden gives an individual the energy and the psyche to keep planting, weeding and watering. A very large and vital aspect in garden therapy.
As observed imagination in garden therapy is a very important factor. In polar countries a gardener may be restricted to working during the adverse weather seasons and conditions. Winter comes and goes. During this winter times a gardener may switch to use of windowsills due to indoors restriction. However it is also therapeutic to sit back relax and use creative imagination to plan one’s garden as an individual waits for the season of spring. The creative imagination is a tremendous contribution to garden therapy as it occupies the mind therapeutically.

Armchair gardening

This greatly influences the attitude towards gardening. It should have content that is appealing to the eye. The catalog involved should be able to create the urge within an individual to own a certain wish for the appearance of a garden. The color of photographs should be captivating. The places in the photographs should be unique where one has never visited. This leads to the creation of a wish list within the individual. A wish list for the appearance of the garden. As long as the wish list appears endless, the stress of waiting for spring is heavily reduced.
A related study about garden therapy and weather conditions shows that; the best garden therapy involves individuals heading outsides to their gardens know matter the weather and without consideration of the time of the year. In a garden, even during time of winter one seldom misses something interesting to do in the garden. A good example is when the weather lingers above the freezing point. The colorful ground covers are in charge. Beautiful lung worts and hardy cyclamens that have appealing mottled leaves can be something that catches attention of a gardener. This is therapy.

Children involvement

It is also very important to involve children in gardening. One may hear children moaning and groaning in the effort to exhibit the less desire to work in gardens. It should be insisted that children partake activities that involve gardening. Garden therapy is very important to healthy development of children. It creates love for environment within children; that includes the development of love for growing things. This is a very mighty contribute on to garden therapy. 
Garden therapy is very important in promoting health, well-being and social contact between individuals especially when it comes to family bonding. Gardens are also a good exercise for the body as well as a great enhancer of motivation.

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